Meridian Point Church provides ministries designed to meet the needs and help develop and challenge the spiritual growth of our church family. Take a look and see where you can get involved.

Finding Where I Fit

What’s Your Passion?

What exactly are you passionate about? Unsure? We have a way to help you figure it out. We offer a Spiritual Gifts Test to all those interested in getting involved with Meridian Point and within the missions we support.

What’s the Spiritual Gifts Test?

The Spiritual Gifts Test is designed to give you a breakdown of your top 3 spiritual gifts as well as ideas on where you can serve using those gifts. The test is free for you to take. All you need to do is email Melanie and she’ll get you started.

Where does this test come from? put together a series of questions based off extensive research that will give accurate results as to how you’re wired to serve. If you’d like to know more about the test we use, check it out!

Get Involved

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