Quote: “It’s relatively easy to take a slave out of slavery, especially when compared to the difficulties of taking slavery out of the slave.”

What is Kairos about?

In Kairos, we want to be all about FREEDOM – freedom that looks like Eternal Life, and freedom that looks like Abundant Life, right here and now. We have discovered that being saved does not automatically retrain your brain in how to think and live like a free person. So we are on a journey together to LEARN what it is to live the life that allows the peace, joy and hope to flow from us like Jesus said it would. It the words of so many who have been on this journey with us, “Kairos is more than a Bible Study. It’s a Family doing life, learning and growing together.”

How is MPC involved?

MPC partners with Kairos through Financial Support, partnership events (service projects, outreach events and community activities), and providing a place for the college-aged to be connected to a local cross-generational body of believers. This partnership is so valuable for everyone!

Your involvement can happen on many levels:

  • Get one of Kairos’ Gift Cards! These cards can be used for gas or groceries at Safeway or King Soopers. When you load money onto the cards, the grocery store will MATCH 5% back to Kairos!
  • Tell everyone you know about the ministry! www.KairosHasCome.org People can’t get connected if they don’t know about it. And if you want to learn more, come visit some Tuesday night! Contact Wade
  • Watch for information about partnership events and jump in!
  • Request to be added to the bi-monthly newsletter. Contact Wade
  • Most important! Stop now and send up a prayer for the next generation to walk in the FREEDOM that Christ died to offer us.


You can learn more about Kairos by visiting their website.

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