Info About the Form

When you fill out the form, you’ll first enter your name and email address. If you have a family, we’d like you to check the box to include them as well.


Our CORE Commitments are what we encourage all those who attend our congregations to commit themselves to in order to grow in both their relationship with God and with His family the Church. Our goal is not to simply have people attend church but to actively BE The Church. Therefore, instead of an official membership, we encourage everyone who attends to begin working toward active involvement in the four areas listed below.

Once you are actively involved in these four areas, we encourage you to register as a part of the CORE. It is increasing the amount of people in our CORE, not simply service attendance, that is our goal at the CORE Christian Community.

Corporate Worship

I am actively gathering with God’s Church on a regular basis to, among other things, worship, pray and participate in the Lord’s Supper.

Others Focused

I have discovered my spiritual gifts and I am actively using them to serve God’s Kingdom.


I am actively living life together with with a specific group Christians.


I am actively spending regular time studying God’s Word and taking opportunities to deepen my knowledge of it through classes, seminars, books, etc.